February 26, 2014

Tropical and Laid-Back

When I saw this photo, I was just going to add it on my Pinterest Cozy-board.
I liked the two red small details - how much freshness they can bring into this
mixture of white bookshelves and sofa!

Oh well, no hope. Of course I had to click for more. 
And I found this home! 

Tropical Green Point home

Its laid-back style gives this Green Point home a sense of perpetual holiday.

The relaxed home of stylist Julia Stadler and her property analyst husband, Andre, bears no trace of the unremarkable, uninspiring box it once was. But then this couple knows a thing or two about bricks and mortar. With breathtaking views of Cape Town’s harbour, their sprawling Green Point home with a laid-back, island-style aesthetic is an oasis of calm in the centre of the city. 

My mind is travelling somewhere in tropic... 


Photographs: Warren Heath/Frank Features

All credit: House & Leisure


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