February 16, 2014

Spacious Cape Town Abode

Spacious Cape Town abode of  Theresa Beukes

Filled with natural light and fresh, lively touches, this home brims with unassuming sensibility.

Lovely and feminine,


Photographs Micky Hoyle on House and Leisure


I fell in love with my house right away – it had the right position, and the right light, even though it has a block of flats in front of it. But because I come from Johannesburg I don’t think of life as a view! Moving to the farm got me out of Joburg, which I’ll always love. I love the energy, the bigness of it… But country life changed me. I felt like it wasn’t my time there any more. In summer I spend all my time on my veranda. There’s no wind at all. Even in winter I lie there. I’m a bath freak, I could live in my bathroom. My furniture is all collected, from my parents and grandparents, or schlepped with me from Joburg. It’s a bit like me – kind of textured, unboxed. I don’t have a specific style. It’s whatever I think is nice. I love adding to and editing my home while maintaining a constant theme of humour, comfort and tranquillity. My favourite thing is going to second-hand shops, and finding things behind everything… I collect books: I keep buying them; I have millions. And I’m mad about antique linen – proper, thick linen – and lace. I don’t cook at home because I cook all the time. I’m at my restaurant six days a week, and on a Sunday I’ll often just get a takeaway pizza.For guests, I’ll cook something simple like a roast chicken. In my fridge you’ll find anchovies and Parmesan – and organic, lean mince for dogs. I have breakfast at the restaurant as I’m there early – I cook every single thing fresh, every day. The thing with being a chef is that when it comes to your free time, you don’t want to look at a recipe, or go to a restaurant.

Text Leigh Robertson Styling Retha Erichsen  


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