January 21, 2014

What Are Your Two Words?

This is quite a coincidence.
Yesterday I posted here about 2 promises I made for this year.
That included 2 words in 2 pics:
Be grateful & Stay curious!

Just a minute ago a friend of mine shared a post by 
Elizabeth Gilbert (another favourite writer of mine)
on her Facebook page


I choose the same two I used on that previous post of mine. 

Bette .


This is what Elizabeth said on her post:



A friend of this page named Patti sent me this…such a cool question.

I myself had three possible answers.

1) "Calm down." (This was my first thought. But I eventually rejected this one, on account of the fact that is STILL the advice I need to follow, so it doesn't have much to do with being young, specifically…)

2) "No boys." (Oh, god — what I could have done with my youth had I not gotten so entangled in so many doomed romances! The hours, the months, the YEARS that I gave away to boys! The drama! The infatuations! The tears! All those evenings spent watching "Predator" again and again! I just read a study saying that 30% of all students at Ivy League universities are virgins, and I thought: "Well, of course!" If I had stayed away from boys, and instead used all that time productively, I also could have mastered Mandarin and physics and violin by the age of 21.)

3) "Never mind." (This is what I finally settled on. Because everything I did when I was young — every mistake, every drama, every failure, every euphoric encounter, every dream, every yearning — has made me who I am today. And while I am far from perfect, I cannot help but believe that I needed become exactly this person, which is to say that I needed all those experiences, precisely the way they were. So if my younger self asked my advice, I would just say, "Never mind." Do exactly what you're doing. It all takes you where you need to be. A thought which becomes kind of reassuring, in terms of the mistakes I am probably making today…if you get my drift...)

What about you guys?

Two words to some lost version of yourself?

Go for it!


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