November 16, 2013

Advent Calendar Plans

 This calendar idea and instructions from
Most Lovely Things

The count down will start in 2 weeks! 
I have been planning on our Advent Calendar.

I guess this year we're back to basics. 
I am looking for a nice vintage one with the prettiest pictures ever. 
Or then .... 
... this above would be a GREAT idea! 
Have one hanging on the kitchen wall,
and in front of it have some goodies and glögg stuff
(we always start drinking glögg on the 1st advent). 


When I was a child we used to have only paper calendars, 
and I was so happy just to get a new p i c t u r e every morning! :) 
Above is the one I remember loving the most. 
This type of calendar I always bought for my daughter when she was little.

Then a bit later came those chocolate ones 
- and chocolate was usually not so good in them.
I wonder why it still tasted better than ever! 

Then for few years we had the kind with small bags,
and I remember buying little gifts inside. 
My daughter loved it!

But I'm still looking for some ideas...
And I found some here, here, here and here.

We shall see what I come up with. 


ps. some background history on Advent Calendar 


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