October 4, 2013

Rise and Shine! - 20 Tips For Your Weekend

"When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege 
it is to be alive 
- to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love."

Marcus Aurelius 

Start your day by being good to yourself. Not only the others.
Squeeze fresh juice and eat fresh fruits.
Gets your body going and gives you the energy.

Open the windows and let the crisp autumn air come inside.
Even better if you can sleep all night with opened windows.
It's good for you to breathe fresh air at night.

Enjoy fresh flowers, at least on weekends.
If not from the garden, buy a bouquet every Saturday.

Brush your hair. Take your time.
Brush it 99 times or whatever amount the princesses do.
You have the time for that. 

Put the coffee maker away and enjoy a real Italian strong espresso. 
Maybe a macchiato. 
You know, it doesn't have to be in one of those cafes in Rome...
those that you dream of seeing again one day. 
Start saving for that trip. 

White pyjama is the prettiest.
Wear it when you want.
It is linen and can last forever, even if you need to wash it often. 

Do not make the bed yet.
Let the sheet get some air and make them more fresh.

Light the fire. Now. Not only when you invite people over.

Wear those white soft socks you got for Christmas last year.
Your children won't mind if you don't include them in your will.

"Sorryyyyy, I found something in the ground...
I needed the old stick I had buried a long time ago."

Don't get mad. She was only acting by her instincts. 
Which you should also start doing more. 

Find all those perfumed bottles of bubble bath and other goodies
you've been saving. 
I repeat: Your children won't mind if you don't include them in your will.
The time is now! 

Stay there. Soak until you're all wrinkled.
Rest and relax. Listen to your favourite music.
Turn the phone mute. Dream. Dream big. 

Take your time, read the damn paper. Until the end.
Even the comics, if you wish.

Dusting and mopping and hoovering and cleaning...
that's what you did all day yesterday. Leave the rest.

"Good moms have sticky floors - and happy kids."

Oh no, the cupboards can wait. Nothing will run away.

Do you really have to do that on Sunday morning?

Dogs are smart. Learn from them.
Go hug her now. You both need it.

Good idea. Back to bed. 
Sleep as long as you can. For once. 

Wear your invisible crown.
Today is your day off.


"Do not say, 'It is morning',  and dismiss it with a name of yesterday. 
See it for the first time as a newborn child that has no name."

Rabindranath Tagore

Not whine!

You're worth it.



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