September 6, 2013

Help From a Friend

I was browsing Tumblr and found this adorable picture. 
It made me think of the friendship quotes I posted yesterday 
(my previous post). 

This little gentleman can also represent being a friend 
to someone in need, not only perfect manners. 

I have been feeling sad today. For many reasons that rise from the past. 
Also because I think everyone is so busy nowadays, 
busy with their own lives and families, 
that they forget to listen and look around if anyone is in need. 
For a friend. 
For someone who would throw him/herself on the ground to help you. 

Sylvia Plath

“My mother said the cure for thinking too much about yourself 

was helping somebody who was worse off than you.”

-  Sylvia Plath,  The Bell Jar


I have few wonderful true friends I adore. 
I have also learned to appreciate them so much that 
I don't throw my everyday problems in front of them 
- purely for the reason I want to save those friends' time for better moments. 
Therefore they wouldn't all know how sad I can be at times. 
I try to offer my help and give it always when needed, and all times. 
But sometimes I feel it doesn't come back the same way. :(  
I don't know how to change that. Maybe it's me. Maybe it's them. Who knows. 

Tonight I'll skip my evening swim - first time this summer. 
I have gone and dived into the sea every single night. 
It is still warm and wonderful. I think. 
(I'm usually the only one swimming, so I guess it is not that warm...) 

Now I am snuggling in my big bed with three dogs 
and just entertaining myself by looking at beautiful pictures. 
And sipping some good ol' Rioja. That will make me fall asleep easily. 
... tomorrow will be a new day.

Buona Notte Tutto il Mondo.


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