August 9, 2013

Haven't You Ever Lost Someone?

A man was walking along the road to Damascus. 
He recalled his lost love and his soul grieved.
“Pity on those who know love”, he thought.
“They will never be happy, with the fear of losing the one they love.”
At that moment he heard a nightingale sing.
- Why do you act like that? – the man asked the nightingale.
- Don’t you see that my beloved, who loved your song so much, is no longer here by my side?
- I sing because I am happy – answered the nightingale.
- Haven’t you ever lost someone? – the man insisted.
- Many times – answered the nightingale.
- But my love still remains all the same.
And the man went on his way feeling more hopeful. 

I just attended a funeral of someone who was very much loved.
This was the spirit there throughout the service. 
Celebrating life & love.


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