June 3, 2013

Now and Then


My daughter sometimes thinks it sucks to be so young - that is 17. On other days she thinks she's already too old, especially when she would still like to play with her Barbies and Bratzes and do totally silly childish things. She misses being a child and not being able to really play like a child... Poor thing. It is so important at that age to act like your peers. 

Anyway, we talk a lot about what it's like to become an adult, which she will be - officially - soon when she turns 18. Sometimes she thinks it is boring and life is only good now when being young and wild :) I tell her daily that I personally feel my life is getting better and better every single day! (Hard for her to believe that...) I think it is important for us parents to talk to the children about the good stuff in our "senile" lives and what makes us love our age and all that comes along with it. 

I found this thought above and showed it to her. I think this sums up the whole thing. Insecurity and acceptance by others is quite hard at younger age. This is the freedom and gift of becoming old. I feel it. 

Photo by Sebastian Luczywo via 

So it goes,  


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