June 23, 2013

Moonlight Sonata

My favourite, Sylvia Plath

( Mad Girl's Love Song  - read full here. )

Midsummer is the time when you're supposed to stay up. 
This weekend it won't be difficult - with summer nights that are light 
(only few hours of dark in Finland) and the super moon!

Super full moon shines brightly this weekend.

I do believe in the 'moon madness' - no matter what they say:) 
Full moon always affects me. 
It is 3:43 am here, no hope of sleep. 
And it's totally light, the birds are singing. 
I might have to go to the beach tomorrow and sleep there...

This music is one of the most beautiful classic pieces I know.
Maybe Mr. Sandman will greet me after I listen to this...

Buona Notte.
"Live by the sun. Love by the moon."


ps. "There is more to a "supermoon" than meets the eye." 

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