June 5, 2013

Good Times

After the season for white anemones is over (they were ready for Mother's Day),
I can now enjoy these wild strawberries growing in my yard.
I picked few of them and put them in a small vase.
Can hardly wait until they are all grown and ready to eat. Nothing better!

I had a great time last week:

* went to an awsome concert, 
had people stay over night, 
* prepared a good meal for guests,  
* stayed up late dining & wining,
*was babysitting my friends' dogs,
* enjoyed a delicious Italian meal in a great restaurant, 
* went swimming the first time this summer, 
* got a tan,
* took care of my garden,
* played Kimble with my goddaughter,
* enjoyed the company of my oldest childhood friend,
* was happy about the season for lilacs,
* hung the laundry outside to dry - oh the scent!
* ate strawberries.
* drank champagne (the real stuff) and plenty of wine

... and just enjoyed the beautiful summer.

Many more days left of my favorite season ...  ◦°˚ヽ☻ノ˚°◦



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