June 20, 2013

Blog Fixed - Thank You Blogger!


I was so sad to open my blog today and find out most of my latest posts
didn't show the pictures but some grey circles :(
As I am not all that experienced (started only 6 months ago), 
I was trying to get help from here and there. 
Finally found the Blogger Forum - send my question there at 7:41 pm.
Got a reply at 9:46 pm. 
It was all because I had stupidly changed some settings on my Picasa albums. 
WOW! I am impressed by how fast I got assistance. 
And it sorted out the problem immediately. So happy!!!
These Midsummer roses are for Mishka at the forum who helped me. 

If this is for any help for someone, I include her reply here:

"All images uploaded through the Blogger upload feature are hosted on Picasaweb/Google Photos. 
If you go to Picasaweb/Google Photos, you will see an album that is marked for your blog. 
Have you changed any settings in your albums or on individual pictures? 
The icon you are seeing indicates that the settings have been changed regarding 
privacy of the images and therefore the url linking to them in the blog is no longer valid.
This can be done either at Google Photos/Picasaweb or through a sync'd mobile device, or Google+."



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