May 20, 2013

What a Day!

Picture: 50 Shades of Toast from Things Organized Neatly

Oh, what a day...

Woke up too late. 
Burned the toast. 
Spilled my coffee. 
Dog was barking too much. 
Went to get groceries, had no wallet. 
Laptop was struggling. 
My daughter was demanding. 
My stomach was hurting. 
Dropped a perfume bottle on the bathroom floor, 
it went to all the places it shouldn't have. 

It was cloudy. 
The curse of Monday. 

But Hey, around 7 pm the SUN started shining.
I noticed that nothing bad actually really happened.
Just every day little obstacles. 
Nobody got hurt. 
I am getting so gooooood with this positive thinking,
it scares me ;) 

ps. This song came into my mind...


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