February 12, 2013

Before Midnight


The Movie I am so anxiously waiting for...BEFORE MIDNIGHT.
(The release date in the USA will be in May and in Europe, I guess in summer.)
This is a MUST. 
Director is Richard Linklater (as in previous 2 ones also) 

Do NOT forget to see these two beforehand:  

BeforeSunset (2004)


Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy just capture my heart. 
The connection between these two is so obvious. 
When watching the films you actually forget they are not reality.

If you ever experienced a romance somewhere far away, 
then decided to meet the other half on a certain day in the future, 
or if you never got over him/her - you will enjoy these films.

If you want to read a review on the film (I never do!),
you can find one for example here
Before Midnight has its own Facebook page also. 
This fan made trailer was found there. Take a peak here.
I will return and write my own review later...when seen it.
Just cannot wait!

ps. Yes, I have the same kind of experience a long long time ago... ;) 


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